Briefly in English

Loimaan Seudun Teatteriyhdistys ry / Loimaan Region Theatre Association (NGO) is an active agent in the field of amateur theatre life at Loimaa region. It administers two stages Loimaa theatre and Kertunmäki Outdoor Theatre.

Loimaa Theatre

  • founded 1987
  • focused on child and youth theatre but produces shows with multiple age groups, also adults and seniors.
  • was granted a national prize Lapsen päivä palkinto by the Minister of Education of FInland 2009
  • organises basic education in theatre art in collaboration with Loimaan työväenopisto (the worker´s academy) since 2013
  • works actively promoting the overall well-being of young people by devising plays with the participants speaking about actual topics.
  • participates in / organizes intercultural youth exchanges and other projects in collaboration with our partners from Ireland, Austria, Bulgaria and Spain since 2011.
  • realizes different other projects for example with immigrants in collaboration with Loimaa Evangelical Institute (LEKO) since 2016

Kertunmäki Outdoor Theatre

  • founded 1980
  • joined LSTY ry in 2013
  • produces mainly Finnish Drama in the outdoor stage
  • participants are all ages depending on the production
  • performances are yearly in the beginning of July
  • some years we have a lovely night show in August
  • 2019 LSTY ry carried out a Leader-project in order to do a complete renovation if the auditorium deck. It now has a roof, 318 seats with backrest, wheelchair entrance and 7 seats for wheelchairs, and of course, a perfect view to the stage.
  • We organise concerts, theatre visits and other events in the Outdoor Stage during the summer time.